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``Brilliant. So fun to use, and even with the large flame of a sword, it felt very safe.``

Fire Sword with Gold Flow - Spinferno Photography
Julian Wong

Movement Artist

Dragon was lots of fun to perform to with the Gold Flow! The coating is so consistent. They look amazing.

Mickey Khoury

Product Manufacturer at Flowform

The flame effects were brilliant


International Contact Staffer

These were the best powder additives I've seen and used to date.

Tim Goddard (Timmehtek)

Product Manufacturer

`{`Gold Flow`}` is legitimately the best simple flame effect I've seen, soak your wicks, rub it in and go. Absolutely gorgeous, super safe and incredibly well developed product. Massive recommendation to anyone performing professionally, or even just to wow your friends.

Joel Lawry

Poi Enthusiast at Viral Happiness

I loved using the Gold Flow in my fire show! I was really impressed by the magic look of the product, it was constant but not overbearing.

Shade Flamewater

International Fire Eater