Add this powder to your wicks for a complex assortment of complementary effects.


As fire performers, we’ve already got the ‘wow’ factor. But sometimes just fire isn’t enough. Impress your peers and audiences with the Gold Sparkle additive! Perfect to enhance your favourite prop or for a spectacular show finale, it will get your friends talking and your audiences applauding! Building on the continuous gold effect of Gold Flow it incorporates silver glittering and crackling. Consistent gold sparkle and crackling with intermittent silver glitter.

  • Easy to apply – the powder soaks up excess fuel, creates an adhesive paste that clings to the wick.
  • Gold Sparkle has a complex assortment of complementary effects with lighter adhesive properties making it better suited to fire fans or slower/ more graceful flowing motions
  • Gold Sparkle only glows as it leaves the wick, providing maximum visibility and keeping your wicks safe.
  • Specially selected ingredients ensure it’s safe to touch and hold.
  • Made and designed by a special effects technician to ensure the best effects for your performance.

The entire packet of powder is applied firmly and evenly to the entire wick surface. Each packet will coat a single large size pair of poi/staff ends, or several smaller wicks, such as a dragonstaff, fire fans, double staff etc.

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